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Sashimi Grade King Salmon


Averages 2.25 lbs

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Our fresh, never-frozen King Salmon is sustainably farm-raised in New Zealand. A perennial customer favorite, this salmon is rich, flavorful, and chock full of healthy omega-3. With an organic feed and large coastal pen habitats, this quality of Salmon is in a class of its own. These hand-cut, skin-on salmon portions are fine-dining quality fish, not available in retail stores.

Portion Sizing: 6-9 portions, hand-cut, 4-6 oz. each, approx. 36 oz. total weight
Product Details: Fresh, skin-on, boneless, dark meat removed
Perishable: Refrigerate at or below 40°F and consume within 2-4 days
Species: King Salmon
Flavor: Rich, full of oil and fats, slight sweetness
Texture: Delicate, melt in your mouth
Serving Suggestion: Raw (sashimi), sautéed or baked
Notes: To keep these 4-6oz portions intact, the pin bones have not been removed

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2 reviews for Sashimi Grade King Salmon

  1. Marlene Chike (verified owner)

    Fresh and nice size potions. Fish was moist and delicious.

  2. N/A (verified owner)

    Precut servings are perfect for cooking and serving. More tender than any other salmon!

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