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Frequenlty Asked Questions

We deliver to all 50 states. If you live West of the Rockies AND you place your order before 11 a.m. Honolulu (HST) time, we can get your fish to you the next day. However, East of the Rockies, the time zone difference means we can’t make the deadline to get it to you via next day air. Our delivery date picker automatically pushes your delivery to 2-days from your purchase. We also don’t ship for delivery on the weekend. If you need next-day service, please add your request in the comment box and we will respond to let you know if that is possible.
Why is the shipping rate a flat fee?2021-12-15T09:17:32-10:00

Shipping from the fishing grounds direct to you is how we guarantee fresh fish. For your convenience, we have averaged the shipping cost of small orders to a flat fee of $35. If you order a cart value of more than $95, your shipping is free. We are a better value when you use us to order just a bit more than a typical trip to the store. You will find the fish is delicious, and you will enjoy it more than the grocery store fare. Many customers stock up and store our products by freezing some, or they pool orders with friends and family to get free shipping. (We have many customers who do this, using Zelle, Venmo or Paypal to square up among themselves)!

If you live in Hawaii we show our kokua by making your flat shipping rate $9.99. And your orders over $95 in cart value are free as well!

How is my fish processed?2021-12-15T09:19:43-10:00

Our fresh fish is quality checked no less than three times, as well as a fourth when we hand cut and portion your order. All our fresh products are meticulously handled to ensure quality and food safety, before we vacuum seal your order. Our frozen fish are all flash-frozen on board the catching vessel or immediately after harvest for farmed products, like our Kauai shrimp.

Hand cutting your order means your portion or fillet will not hit an exact pound mark. We do not charge your credit card till we record the actual shipping weight of your hand-cut product. Your bill will reflect that difference of slightly over or under the exact pound mark.

My fish didn’t arrive in the condition I expected. What should I do?2021-12-15T09:19:20-10:00

Our packaging and shipping are designed to ensure your order arrives in pristine condition. However, we cannot control everything during the journey; if you have concerns, please contact us. We can advise you, and in all instances, we’ll make it right because we care.

Where can I find my tracking number? 2021-12-15T09:19:05-10:00

Your tracking number will be sent in a separate email from your order confirmation.

How is Fresh Seas Market related to Norpac Fisheries Export?2021-12-15T09:18:09-10:00

Fresh Seas Market is a new brand catering to people who appreciate premium quality seafood that is also environmentally sustainable. Our parent company, Norpac, sells wholesale to fine dining restaurants and other retailers, and they supply our fish as well. Founded in Hawaii in 1986, Norpac has more than 30-years of experience providing premium, provable seafood that is responsibly harvested. When you see the Norpac logo on our products, you can know that our fish will be safe, fresh, and delicious. Your purchase is good for the ocean and for the fishers who make their living on the water.

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Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.

Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.