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Ono (Wahoo)


Averages 2.25 lbs

Ono means “delicious” in Hawaiian- it can be considered one of the “greats” in Hawaiian seafood tradition! With mild flavor and a sweet finish, you will quickly see why this fish is named after “delicious”. Ono is best served grilled, broiled, baked or sautéed with a light sauce or tropical fruit salsa.

Portion Sizing: 6-9 portions, hand-cut, 4-6 oz. each, approx. 36 oz. total weight
Product Details: Fresh, skin-off, boneless, dark meat removed
Perishable: Refrigerate at or below 40°F and consume within 2-4 days
Species: Ono (Wahoo)
Flavor: Mild, Sweet, Moderate Fat
Texture: Firm and Large Flakes
Serving Suggestion: Ono is best grilled, baked, or sautéed, and works particularly well with a spicy “blackened” preparation- who wants tacos!

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2 reviews for Ono (Wahoo)

  1. Russell Scranton

    My second order split with another family the portions were great to share. The Ono was super fresh and flaked just like i expected. one of the best I have had in years especially since I have not been in Hawaii for the last few years. bottom line fresh, quick delivery and I will be ordering more in the future.

  2. Paul Fischer (verified owner)

    Island fresh! Highly recommend the Ono. Will order again when a craving comes on for FRESH fish.

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Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.

Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.