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Kauai Shrimp (Frozen)


2 lb. Box

It’s time to make the switch from your typical supermarket brands- months’ old, antibiotic-filled, de-headed, foreign frozen shrimp. Our famous locally farmed shrimp are raised in pristine, cold water drawn from wells 2,000 ft. deep off the island of Kauai. Antibiotic- and hormone-free, these Hawaiian Select shrimp are flash-frozen minutes after harvest to provide the ultimate in freshness while preserving that pristine shrimp flavor. These premium shrimp are sure to impress. (Frozen, Head-on)
Quantity: 8-12 Extra Large Shrimp
Frozen Portion Sizing: 6 oz serving size
Species: Whiteleg Shrimp
Flavor: Mild Flavor with Natural Sweetness
Texture: Tender
Serving Suggestion: We love Kauai shrimp fried with garlic salt and chili peppers

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1 review for Kauai Shrimp (Frozen)

  1. Russell Scranton

    Fantastic product. Easy to clean the shrimp. They did not last too long in my freezer and did not take up much space. My daughter who loves shrimp was in heaven. The baked shrimp exuced extra fat for super soft butter texture. I have bought this item 4 times now each time as good as the other.

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Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.

Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.