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Smoked Shutome (Swordfish)


3 @ 6 oz. bags

Beef jerky is so 2010. Bring in the new age with clean, lean, and sustainably made Smoked Shutome (Swordfish). Our Hawaiian Select brand applewood smoked shutome is a Hawaii favorite throughout the islands. With a slightly spicy, ginger and soy marinade, this smoked fish is a great-tasting snack. Flavors and smoke developed and made in-house. Smoked shutome is cut by hand and made in small batches for pristine quality and freshness!

Product Details: Three 6 oz Bags
Species: Swordfish
Flavor: Hints of Shoyu and Ginger, with a Sprinkle of Spice
Texture: Jerky Firm
Serving Suggestion: Eat straight from the bag or make it into a creamy dip and spread on toast.

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1 review for Smoked Shutome (Swordfish)

  1. Youri

    Great product. Easy to order, came very well packaged. Great taste and texture

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Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.

Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.