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Ahi Sashimi Tray


Averages 1.5 lbs

Forget paying $10 for two slices of sashimi at your local sushi restaurant. Fresh Seas is home to Hawaii’s most famous sushi tray sold around the islands. Our sashimi is hand-cut from high-grade, fresh, whole Ahi loins. Perfect for your keto lunch, each tray includes 12oz sashimi slices, daikon, soy sauce and wasabi. Sashimi trays are cut each morning for a fresh and tasty bite every time.

Product Details: ~25 pieces of restaurant grade Ahi sashimi per tray
Perishable: Refrigerate at or below 40°F and consume within 2-4 days
Species: Bigeye and/or Yellowfin Ahi
Flavor: Light, Neutral, Mild
Texture: Melting and Silky
Serving Suggestion: Pair with avocado slices, a seaweed salad, or just have as is!

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5 reviews for Ahi Sashimi Tray

  1. dale snow (verified owner)

    It was perfection It got here In perfect shape and I devoured it right away,great job.

  2. Sean Tweedy (verified owner)

    Fresh sashimi overnight to your door step! What else is there to say! Thank you, it was great!

  3. Randy K (verified owner)

    Arrived next day. Got my neighbors hooked on Fresh Seas Products

  4. Scranton Russell (verified owner)

    Great flavor quality and texture

  5. Kim Laramee (verified owner)

    The best sashimi EVER!!! And such fabulous delivery and customer service!

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Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.

Bringing fresh, restaurant-quality seafood to you.