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Goldband Snapper Fillet (Frozen)


Averages 4 lbs

Responsibly caught within an artisanal hook and line fishery. You are supporting artisanal fishers and their communities, as they catch and prepare these fillets, all within an audited facility with outstanding food safety practices. Our Hawaiian Select brand frozen Goldband Snapper is a mild, delicately textured fish with lightly pinkish flesh that cooks up snow white, tender and flaky. Grilling this fish will bring out its sweet flavor, but we recommend it as sautéed, baked or steamed. Each fillet is skin on, to help protect the delicate texture and flavor.

Frozen Portions Sizing: 1-2 lb each (Total Averages 4 lbs)
Product Details: 2-4 vacuumed-packed fillets, skin-on, (pin bones in)
Species: Goldband Snapper
Flavor: Mild, slightly sweet and nutty
Texture: Moist and firm, perfectly flakey
Serving Suggestion: We suggest steamed, also great baked, sautéed, broiled and grilled.