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Better Than Burger Patties ($3.99/portion)

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4, 3oz burger patties per order

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Our Hawaiian Select brand frozen Ahi tuna burger is carefully crafted from the best ingredients: fresh albacore tuna sustainably caught in the South Pacific, organic quinoa, organic Swiss chard, avocado oil, and natural beet powder.

High-quality tuna gives our burger fresh-caught flavor, and our other U.S.-sourced ingredients give it the familiar texture of a burger. It’s the perfect balance of fresh and healthy, without heavy fillers. We spent two years perfecting the recipe and taste-testing it with kids to ensure a palate-pleaser for the whole family.

No preservatives, no additives, gluten-free and dairy-free, with a flavor that's Better Than Burger.

Frozen Portion Sizing: Portions based off a 3oz burger patty. 

Portion Sizing: Portion sizes based off 1, 3oz burger patty. 

Species: Albacore Ahi
Flavor: Mild yet Robust 
Texture: Cripsy yet Tender 
Serving suggestion: Better Than Burger patties are great on the grill or crumbled and sautéed as the star ingredient in lettuce wraps or enchiladas .


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