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Fresh Wahoo (Ono) ($9.99/portion)

Product Details:
8-10, 4-6oz oz hand-cut portions
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Ono means “delicious” in Hawaiian. Hand-cut with a meaty texture and a mild flavor, Ono is best served grilled, broiled, baked or sautéed with a light sauce or topical fruit salsa. This fresh, never-frozen delicacy will become one of your new favorite seafood standards.

Portion Sizing: All fish portions are hand-cut and weigh approximately 6 ounces. Small variations in portion weights may occur as a result.

Perishable. Refrigerate at or below 36°F and consume within 2-4 days

Species: Wahoo
Flavor: Mild, Sweet Tasting Fish with Moderate Fat 
Texture: Firm and Large Flakes
Serving suggestion: Ono is terrific baked, grilled or sautéed, and works particularly well with a spicy "blackened" preparation.

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