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Product Handling

Our team

works hard to get your fish to you in pristine condition. Here are tips to preserve flavor and freshness when you receive it.

How to unbox your fish

Whether you purchased a frozen or fresh product from us, your fish landed on your doorstep at its peak flavor. Here are instructions on how to handle your fish to ensure that peak flavor lands on your plate as well.

Freezing fresh fish

Ideally, fish we ship to you fresh gets consumed fresh within 3-5 days. But if your plans change, or you wind up with one more fillet than your number of guests or family members, you can freeze that fish.

Step 1
Remove the fish from its packaging and discard the paper liner.
Step 2
Put the fish in a zipper lock bag.
Step 3
Submerge the bag into a container of water up to the zipper to force the air out.
Step 4
Zip the bag and put it in the freezer.

Thawing frozen fish

Frozen fish takes about 24 hours to thaw if you move it from the freezer to the refrigerator. If you need to thaw it faster, here’s how. NEVER thaw fish in the microwave!

Step 1
Submerge the vacuum packaged fish in a bowl of water that is slightly cooler than room temperature. Replace the water regularly to keep the temperature up, or leave tap water barely running into the bowl.
Step 2
After 30 minutes, cut open the package.
Step 3
Place the tuna steak on a paper towel.
Step 4
Blot the fish with the paper towel.
Step 5
Your fish is ready to cook!

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