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Refreshing Meals Kit ($4.44/portion)

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Over 20 portions per kit, multiple products included

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Our Refreshing Meals Kit is your answer to the unending question, “What’s for dinner?”

Start the week with satisfying snapper fillets. Then serve up quick, easy, and delicious tuna burgers. Finally, close out the week with seared tuna steaks. Add some bagged salads and veggie sides and half your weekly meal plan is already set.

Snapper Portions (1 bag)
These moist, flakey-texture portions cook easily when pan-seared or baked with simple seasonings. 6-8, 4-6 oz. portions.

“Better Than Burgers” (2 boxes)
Our original recipe features sustainable albacore ahi tuna, swiss chard, organic quinoa, organic beet powder, and avocado oil. Super simple and kid-friendly! Excellent garnished with a sauce of chopped pickled ginger, Sriracha, and mayonnaise (mix to taste). 8, 3oz patties. 

Tuna Steaks (1 box)
Marinate this tender, meaty textured fish in olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper for about 30 minutes. Then pan-sear for 2-3 minutes per side until browned but still bright pink in the center. (Be prepared for the tenderest, moistest tuna you’ve ever eaten.) Our tuna comes from the world’s first certified long-line fishery, which we helped propel to responsible practices. 6, 6oz portions. 

Frozen Portion Sizing: Portion sizes range from 4-6oz.


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